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AdrenaFem and Menopause

AdrenaFem and menopause

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WE ARE FANS!!! My husband and I have both been using the supplements for just a short while but can already tell a difference. I would say the biggest change for me has been the amount of energy I'm able to retain throughout the entire day, instead of the mid day crash I have become accustomed to. We both work out & eat healthy for the most part but just couldn't shake that mid day crash until now. I've also been able to drop a stubborn 5 lbs from my mid section and look forward to the last 10 coming off as well. Definitely love the products!!

Dana M. A.

This supplement has made a difference. I felt like I had lost my "edge" just didn't have the energy, clarity I was use to having. I have never been a morning person, but now when I get up I am up. I sleep better, no sluggish afternoons & as a plus, a my husband says he sees a difference. I had A-Fib for a number of years, finally corrected by 2 ablations but I was still not where I wanted to be. Within a matter of a week I could feel & see a significant difference. Yes, this Adrenafem seems to have given me back me. By the way, I am not one to take a lot of supplements just because they never seem to make a difference. This works for me!

Eleonor R.

I am a woman in her late 60's and still work two jobs plus am a part time care giver for my spouse so I would say I own some stress. Dr Edwards introduced me to AdrenaFem almost a year ago. It has become a part of my daily supplements. Recently I got lazy and didn't reorder when I was out. A week later I am thinking why am I not sleeping well and why is every little issue getting to me...............duh I won't be without again. My body and mental well being has improved so much. I urge you to start taking this product. And to put your health first

Kelley S.


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Hormone Wars: A 15 Year Lie & the Menopausal Hostage Crisis in America

The Scope of the Crisis

Women don’t go through menopause…it’s their permanent hormonal destiny. 51 million American women are in menopause, and 2 million more enter menopause each year.

A hundred years ago, menopause didn’t matter because women often died before or shortly after entering menopause. Now, women’s average life expectancy is 88 years..Read more HERE

Stress Management Diet and Does it exist?

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DHEA Also called dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is like the party planner for our previously mentioned cocktail party. Without DHEA, cortisol would be allowed to wreak havoc without restraint since DHEA is your body’s main "anti-cortisol" hormone. But DHEA also does some other very important things:

> Serves as the chief precursor to sex hormones, particularly post menopause

> Directly binds to receptors in the brain that promote pain relief and relaxation. Read more HERE